Batman Begins

I managed to avoid all of the hoopla surrounding this. Didn’t really watch the previews (although I did see them, if you know what I mean), didn’t go digging for info or anything like that. It was originally going to be an adaptation of Year 1, and then it was changed to what it was, and I found that a little disappointing since I’m a big Year 1 fan.

Having seen the movie, I would say wow. Great job adapting Batman to the big screen. Excellent job on the back story and showing the turmoil he deals with walking the fine line between super-hero and vigilante/criminal. A was definitely adverse to the Batmobile shown in the previews, but seeing how he acquires it, it makes great sense. Same with just about all of his gadgets. I thought they did a good job keeping the character count down (a huge problem with later Batman flicks). Scarecrow was done differently, but was well done. It took me a little bit to figure out who he was. Ra’s was also well done. I didn’t know much about this character going in, but I like him. It was also great to see the Asylum introduced, loved that bit. All in all, very happy with this movie. Well worth an evening admission (or two if you like the real Batman)!

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