Fever Pitch & Amityville Horror

I watched a couple of movies yesterday. One was enjoyable and one wasn’t…

Fever Pitch is a typical date movie. Jimmy Fallon always seems to play likeable character and it was it hard to believe it was a Farrelly Brothers’ Movie. No gross out comedy or anything. It was enjoyable to watch, but wasn’t anything special. In my movie rating system it would be a definate matinee, unless you’re taking a date.

The Amityville Horrors… where should I begin… Let’s start with what was good about the movie… it wasn’t even 90 minutes long and I was eating popcorn that was fresh out of the popper. Ok, now on to what wasn’t good. The whole premise of the movie just seemed bad. My current gripe with the movies that attempt to be horror movies is why do the try to explain things? Just let some maniac loose who kills people. Or there are ghosts that drive people mad and make them kill people. You don’t need a complicated backstory for a horror movie. They should just follow the rules that Scream brought to the attention of the world and leave it at that. My biggest gripe with this movie… the mom, can’t remember her name (and it doesn’t matter) goes to the church for help. The Father/Priest/Whatever realizes he’s heard this story before. He eventually goes to the house and then gets scared and runs off. You think, having the job he has, he would have the deceny to at least run off and take the family with him. It would have saved me about 20 minutes. Also, I don’t think I could get past the fact that lead actor (once again, don’t know his name and it doesn’t matter) use to be on the TV show 2 Guys, A Girl, And a Pizza Place (latter renamed 2 Guys and Girl) and I’m pretty sure that he has typecast himself, at least in my head, as the guy that he played in the TV show (Berg?). The verdict, when you’re flipping channels in 3 months and see this movie on TV, keep flipping. The informercial on the next channel may not be better, but it is very likely only going to waste 30 minutes of your life. Spoiler alert… Maybe it would have been better if he had played the same character as the guy he played in the TV show, who buys a house, moves into the basement and goes crazy. At least it would have been funnier to watch.

Interesting how I wrote more about the bad movie? Guess I felt more strongly about that movie being bad, than Fever being OK.

Here is a brief explanation of my movie rating system… It is based on when a movie will be worth the price of admission. It goes from Evening Price Tickets to Matinee to Budget, Rental, Pay TV (like HBO), TV (like NBC or TBS), to keep flipping the channels. I may come up with some other levels on this scale at times, but you should be able to figure it out.

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