In Favre We Trust…

I don’t need to write anything other than go read this post on KSK. Here is just a little bit of it:

The amendment requires all working quarterbacks in the United States to be more rugged and rascally, with a twinkle in each eye and a song in their hearts. It also establishes throwing a shovel pass across the field off your back foot to an opposing linebacker as the national “football move.” Furthermore, it designates Kiln, Miss. as a National Historic Landmark for Quarterbacking, rather than for general squalor.
KSK Favre Amendment

On a more serious note, turns out Congress really is going to honor #4, they’ve passed House Resolution 697.

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International Talk Like A Pirate Day

“Aye, today be Talk Like a Pirate Day! On this fine day, everyone can talk like a pirate all day long.”

My pirate speak typically sucks, but today, everyone can try out their pirate speak and not be looked at like a complete idiot… if people do look at you like an idiot, just tell them what day it is and everything will be cool.

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Lindsay Lohan Drunk Driving Awareness Night

This is too funny and a recipe for disaster… A minor league baseball team is having a Linday Lohan Drunk Driving Awareness Night that happens to coincide with their regular Thirst Thursday promotion. They have a car wreck on display from a drunk driving accident, traffic enforcement with the blood alcohol testing van and half price beers.

Which of these is not like the other?

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Beer Pong Ringer

I think there are just a few collegiate water ski teams that could use this guy on their team. Not sure if he can ski or anything, but if they get into a beer pong challenge the night before a tournament, the other team won’t be feeling too well.

Billy’s Balls 2

And this is what he did to warm up for that impressive feat…

Billy’s Balls

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The Guy with the Red & White Nautique

So a few days ago I’m talking to a friend of mine, Cory, who is a bartender at The Bar Next Door. He was talking with customers who happened to live near Lake Monona. I’m not sure how they got on to the subject, but I guess at some point they started talking about how they would see this guy with a red & white Nautique show up early in the spring or late in the fall and go footing. They’d see him all summer long and see him a lot. They even mentioned they saw him footing on Thanksgiving last year.

That was when Cory went, “I know that guy. That’s Wedge!”

So the home owners on Lake Monona have noticed my love of barefooting. Life’s kinda funny.

In a similar story about a year ago I was talking to a girl I had just met, it was the first week of April, and we got to talking about what we like to do for fun and I mentioned I like to go water skiing, a lot. I hadn’t even mentioned that I had already been out skiing the previous weekend. She mentioned, “You know, I saw some people skiing last Saturday afternoon… They were in a red and white boat. It looked to be pretty cold out there still.”

I replied… “That was probably me. I don’t think there are that many people out skiing yet. And yes, it was cold. But it was fun.”

In weather related news… I’ve been closely watching the lake this week to see if it’ll open up. Forecast is looking decent for this weekend. Things go right, I’ll be on the water.

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Well, according to the calenders, spring is officially here. March 20th marks the spring equinox. Yea, I should have known that earlier since I’ve been so eargerly waiting for it, but I found out when I went to play You Don’t Know Jack today. It’s a computer quiz game from the 90’s that recently resurfaced on the web. I’ll warn you now, it is addicting…

Go play it, have fun, and think warm thoughts… I need the ice to melt.

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